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Predictable control of gene expression by mRNA, 3′ untranslated region motifs

Yoon OK, Hsu TY, et al. (2012) Genetics and regulatory impact of alternative polyadenylation in human B-lymphoblastoid cells. PLoS Genet, 8(8):e1002882.

Citation summary: See how these researchers use gBlocks Gene Fragments as qPCR standards to generate DNA standard curves for absolute quantification of mRNA.

Yoon et al. examined the regulatory impact of mRNA 3′ untranslated region motifs. The authors performed qPCR experiments using gBlocks® Gene Fragments to generate DNA standard curves for absolute quantification of mRNA in cells transfected with 3′ UTR reporters. This work demonstrates that double-stranded gBlocks Gene Fragments can serve as an ideal source for qPCR standards. They can be ordered up to 3000 bp in length, are normalized to 200–1000 ng, depending on size, and are sequence-verified. Several amplicons can be designed into a single gBlocks Gene Fragment sequence for multiplex amplifications.

As an added benefit, because they are limited in quantity and do not require additional processing and purification, gBlocks Gene Fragments can reduce the risk of template contamination in the lab that is common with plasmid DNA.

Published Mar 29, 2013
Revised/updated Jan 21, 2017