MGB Eclipse Probes for human in vitro diagnostics

Product spotlight: Obtain MGB Eclipse Probes for human in vitro diagnostic end-use applications. Selecting MGB Eclipse Probes made by the IDT GMP manufacturing division provides you with complete process transparency and product traceability, in addition to consistent, reliable oligonucleotide quality.

How MGB qPCR probes are used

As a result of improved knowledge and understanding of the human genome, quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR) has become an increasingly important tool for in vitro diagnostics and patient management. The gold standard, 5′ nuclease qPCR assay uses oligonucleotide probes that have 3 critical features:

  • fluorescent reporter dyes
  • quenchers for these dyes
  • a minor groove binding groups

The technique is routinely used for various clinical tests, including identification of mutations that are related to cancer development or metastasis, gene defects that result in genetic diseases (e.g., cystic fibrosis), prenatal testing to detect congenital disorders, and detection of viral and bacterial DNA in human samples.

art51-PS-MGB probes Fig1

Figure 1. MGB Eclipse Probe. The MGB enables the use or short (13–20 base) probes that improve allelic discrimination and targeting of AT-rich regions in qPCR assays.

MGB qPCR probes with IDT quality

MGB Eclipse® Probes, a widely used type of qPCR probe, are comprised of oligonucleotides coupled to fluorescent dyes, Eclipse Dark Quenchers, and Minor Groove Binder (MGB™) groups. When you order MGB Eclipse Probes from IDT, you will receive the outstanding oligo quality and GMP manufacturing expertise our company is known for. MGB Eclipse Probes are licensed by ELITech for use solely in human in vitro diagnostic end-use applications.

How to order and what you get

To help diagnostic labs keep up with the demand, we offer easy ordering through our website. Simply upload a spreadsheet, then choose your fluorophore and normalized final yield amount. If your lab needs HPLC purification, you can easily add that service as well. Standard desalt products typically ship in 2 weeks, purified products ship in 3 weeks. Diagnostic test providers can also be assured of complete transparency and product traceability, which are hallmarks of our GMP business strategy.

MGB probes from IDT are licensed for use as a component in the Purchaser's Human IVD applications only.

Published Jun 23, 2015
Revised/updated Oct 18, 2016