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qPCR assay plates for large and high throughput studies

PrimeTime® qPCR Assay Plates and PrimeTime qPCR Primer Plates

Customize qPCR assay plates for probe-based or primer alone assays. You can mix different dye-quencher combinations and request replicate plates. And no need to fill every well.

PrimeTime qPCR Assays for 5’ nuclease assays and PrimeTime qPCR Primers for use with intercalating dye (e.g., SYBR® Green) assays are now available in 96-well plates. Enjoy all the benefits of IDT PrimeTime products, including accurate assay design using current information from NCBI, gold standard performance, and compliance with MIQE Guidelines.

  • Fully customizable—Use the state-of-the-art custom plate design tool for ordering. Design your own master plate; just cut, copy, paste, and fill in as you would with Microsoft Excel.
  • Versatile—Choose from predesigned assays for human, mouse, or rat; or simply enter your own primer and probe sequences manually.
  • Convenient—Get assays with different dye–quencher combinations in the same plate.
  • Affordable—No need to purchase a full 96-well plate. All that is required is a minimum order of 24 assays or primer pairs per plate.
  • Value—Generate your own replicate plates for lower cost per reaction.

Figure 1. Options for obtaining qPCR assays in plates.

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Published Mar 29, 2013