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ReadyMade negative controls for gene silencing (RNAi) experiments

Obtain universal negative controls for DsiRNA transfections. These controls are premade, inexpensive, and ready to ship.

Introducing foreign RNA via transfection can affect cells in unforeseen ways, such as induction of an immune response in mammalian cells. Therefore, it is crucial to have an appropriate negative control against which one can compare experimental results in gene silencing and functional studies using DsiRNA duplexes. IDT has developed a negative control duplex (DS NC1) that does not target any part of the human, mouse, or rat transcriptomes. This duplex sequence serves as an ideal universal negative control for DsiRNA transfections in these organisms. The DS NC1 is stocked, ready to ship, and is available at 1 and 5 nmole scales.

While we recommend using the DS NC1 negative control duplex, which has been more extensively bioinformatically screened, a legacy scrambled sequence DsiRNA (DS ScrambledNeg) is also available for customers who have had success with it in their cell lines.

Learn more and order from the Dicer-Substrate siRNA (DsiRNA) page.

Published Jan 10, 2012
Revised/updated Nov 28, 2016