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Simplify oligo analysis, ordering, procurement, and authentication with a customized eCommerce platform

Integrated SciTools Plus API, portals, and punchouts

Learn how the IDT integrated platform of SciTools Plus API, portals, and punchouts can give you access to our catalog of products and web tools, and make it easier to manage your inventory, track your spending, and operate more efficiently—all in one site.

Choose the right products, operate more efficiently

Simplify your organization’s e-purchasing systems by using an integrated platform with custom portals and punchouts linked to our SciTools Plus API. The SciTools Plus API (Application Programming Interface) gives you access to easy-to-use, oligonucleotide analysis tools. The portals and punchouts not only provide customized interfaces with authenticated and secure 24/7 access to our catalog of products and web tools, but also make it easier to manage your inventory, track your spending, and operate more efficiently. Read below to learn more about each of these integrative services and how they can help you manage your projects.

SciTools Plus API

These easy-to-use analysis tools help you make sequence selections optimized for your experiments. They include complexity screening (sequence scoring) and codon optimization applications to enable more robust gene design. You will also have access to the popular OligoAnalyzer Tool and other biophysics utilities that facilitate intelligent oligonucleotide design for use under your experimental conditions.

Browse our SciTools Plus API technical documentation to find out how to access the API web services, and how to integrate them into your bioinformatics design, laboratory information management, or procurement systems.


Use this integration platform to communicate ordering information by direct, secure, system-to-system messaging between your institution’s procurement system and the IDT e-commerce site. The IDT ecommerce platform is compatible with a range of well-known procurement software systems. For a list of these systems, contact our consultation team.

Once set up, click a link within your procurement system to order from the IDT e-commerce site. The following 3-stage process of Login (SetupRequest), Cart return (OrderMessage), and Purchase order (OrderRequest) gives you access to the valuable features of this platform:

  • Transparent, automated access between systems, with no duplicate logins
  • Direct transfer of item information to the procurement system before order placement
  • Assignment of unique identifiers to items for improved traceability; workflow processes are then implemented on the buyer side before PO creation
  • Accurate item pricing recognized by the procurement software at PO creation, providing more accurate invoicing

"Working with Integrated DNA Technologies B2B Integrations team over the years has been a pleasure. IDT’s streamlined integration process makes it easy to test and set up punchout connections in our Prendio procurement software. Our new customers are typically integrated and placing B2B orders within a couple days. The continued support provided by the IDT integration specialists is appreciated by our whole team."

Jim Burkartek, Dir Purchasing and Client Technical Services, BioProcure Inc.


A portal is your customized version of the IDT website, which can be tailored to the specific needs of your buyer organization. A portal offers your scientists access to IDT products and web tools, while providing administrators with an approval system to manage accounts and orders. Each end user places orders through their own portal web account.

Valuable features you might include in your portal:

  • Account and order approval processes for administrators
  • Organization-specific logos and text on the portal login page
  • Organization-specific pricing displayed in the shopping cart
  • Support for various payment methods, including blanket POs
  • Additional fields to collect organization or user-specific information

Figure 1 shows examples of portal configurations.

Examples of IDT API portal configurations
Figure 1. Examples of IDT API portal configurations.

Additional integrations solutions

Additional integrations solutions offered by IDT include ordering APIs and electronic business documents.

Ordering APIs

This option offers a direct system-to-system channel for placing orders. Products are configured on your side and delivered in XML format to the IDT ordering API. The XML is read and translated into an IDT order, placed with the shipping/payment details provided in the document. This feature:

  • Allows ordering from a configurable specification, using IDT product information
  • Includes all information necessary to configure, manufacture, ship, and bill the order

Electronic business documents

In conjunction with our integration and portal capabilities, the following information is also available:

  • Confirmation—delivered upon IDT’s recognition of sale (cXML format)
  • Advance shipping notice (ASN)—delivered upon close of shipping manifest, via HTTP (cXML format only)
  • Invoices—submitted electronically each day, one invoice per submission (not batched) (multiple delivery methods and document formats)
  • Custom reports—available in specified periods, delivered via email or HTTP (Microsoft Excel or XML format)

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Published Feb 12, 2020