Sustainable Building Features

We designed and constructed our global manufacturing headquarters in Coralville, IA, USA, with the environment in mind. Energy conservation features, such as geothermal heating and cooling, solar shading, and rooftop monitors, were incorporated to reduce environmental impact and running costs. We also incorporated interior finishes with low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and carpet and tiles containing high proportions of recycled content.

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Geothermal Heating and Cooling(Close)

This facility uses a ground source heat pump system to supplement the building's heating and cooling needs. Ground source heat pumps rely on energy exchange between the air within a building and the ground. As temperatures fluctuate, water is circulated through narrow pipes in the ground, using the earth’s relatively constant 50°F ground temperature to maintain appropriate heating and cooling levels within the building.


Stormwater Retention(Close)

Various bioswales located around the facility help to collect and filter surface water runoff. The bioswales consist of a gently sloped drainage channel that is planted with an array of filtering vegetation. Water that enters a bioswale goes through a prolonged drainage sequence, which helps to filter and trap pollutants and silt.


Rooftop Light Monitors(Close)

Rooftop light monitors provide natural daylight to interior building spaces that would typically not receive natural light from perimeter windows. North-facing monitors block direct southern light from entering the building envelope, which helps to regulate solar heat gain. Indirect north light provides balanced day-lighting with less glare and less contrast between interior light levels.


Solar Shading(Close)

Light shelves are incorporated along the east side of the building to mitigate harsh morning light from directly entering the interior building environment. Too much direct sunlight can cause overheating and glare within a building. Filtering sunlight through light shelves can help to provide more evenly lit spaces and temperate interiors.


Efficient Equipment(Close)

To use energy most efficiently, IDT has implemented an array of variable speed drives and premium efficiency motors. Whether being used to control pumps, fans, or other machinery, these motors can be calibrated to meet the needs of a specific application. Instead of constantly running at full speed, variable speed drive motors can be fine-tuned as needed, which can result in considerable energy savings.


Recycled Content and Low VOC Finishes(Close)

Interior materials, such as carpet and tile, are partially composed of recycled materials. Paints, adhesives, and other finishes that are low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs) help to maintain a healthier work environment due to limited off-gassing, which improves indoor air quality.