Usage, Warranty, and Licenses


Research Purposes Only: Oligonucleotides and nucleic acid products ("IDT Products") are manufactured and sold by Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc. ("IDT") for the purchaser's research purposes only. Unless pursuant to a separate, written agreement with IDT, IDT Products are not sold (and have not been approved) for use in any clinical, diagnostic, or therapeutic applications. Obtaining any license(s) or other approvals necessary to use IDT Products in proprietary applications or in any non-research (e.g., clinical) applications is the purchaser's exclusive responsibility. IDT will not be responsible or liable for any losses, costs, expenses, or any other forms of liability arising out of the unauthorized or unlicensed use of IDT Products. By using any IDT Product for any purpose, purchasers and users of IDT Products agree to indemnify and hold IDT harmless for any and all damages and/or liability, however characterized, related to the unauthorized or unlicensed use of IDT Products. Under no circumstances shall IDT be liable for any consequential damages resulting from any use (approved or otherwise) of IDT Products. No Resale: The sale or resale of IDT Products by any person other than IDT is strictly prohibited without the express, written consent of IDT. IDT accepts all orders for and makes all sales of IDT Products subject to the foregoing use restrictions and the purchaser's indemnification of IDT.


IDT's products are guaranteed to meet or exceed IDT's published specifications for identity, purity, and yield as measured under normal laboratory conditions. If an IDT Product fails to meet such specifications, IDT will promptly replace the product as purchaser's sole remedy for such failure. DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES – NO OTHER WARRANTIES: IDT makes no warranty of any kind whatsoever other than the foregoing General Warranty. Specifically, but without limitation, IDT expressly disclaims any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, and any warranty that IDT Products, or the use of IDT Products, will not infringe the patents of one or more third-parties. IDT accepts all orders for and makes all sales of IDT Products subject to the foregoing disclaimers of warranties.


Fluorescent Labeled Oligonucleotides and Modified Nucleotides 

Alexa Fluor® / Texas Red® / Bodipy® / Rhodamine Red™ and Rhodamine Green™ are provided under an agreement between Molecular Probes, Inc (a wholly owned subsidiary of Invitrogen Corporation), and Integrated DNA Technologies, and the manufacture, use, sale or import of this product may be subject to one or more U.S patents, pending applications, and corresponding non-U.S. equivalents, owned by Molecular Probes, Inc. The purchase of this product conveys to the buyer the non-transferable right to use the purchased amount of the product and components of the product in research conducted by the buyer (whether the buyer is an academic or for-profit entity). The buyer cannot sell or otherwise transfer (a) this product (b) its components or (c) materials made using this product o its components to a third party or otherwise use this product or its components or materials made using this product or its components for Commercial Purposes. Commercial Purposes means any activity by a party for consideration and may include, but is not limited to: (1) use of the product or its components in manufacturing; (2) use of the product or its components to provide a service, information, or data; (3) use of the product or its components for therapeutic, diagnostic or prophylactic purposes; or (4) resale of the product or its components, whether or not such product or its components are resold for use in research. For information on purchasing a license to this product for any other use, contact Molecular Probes, Inc., Business Development, 29851 Willow Creek Road, Eugene, OR 97402, USA, Tel: (541)465-8300. Fax: (541) 335-0504.

Black Hole Quencher®, BHQ®-1, and BHQ®-2 are trademarks of Biosearch Technologies, Inc. (BTI), and all BHQ products are licensed and sold under agreement with BTI. These products are sold exclusively for research and development use by the purchaser. They may not be used for any human or veterinary clinical or diagnostic purposes without express permission from BTI and they may not be re-sold, distributed, re-labeled or re-packaged.

Cy® Dyes. Cy® and CyDye® are registered trademarks of GE Healthcare.

IRDye® 700 and IRDye® 800 are products manufactured under license from LI-COR® Biosciences, which expressly excludes the right to use this product in AFLP applications.

IRDye 800 CW® is sold for research use only. Not for use in Diagnostic, Therapeutic or in human in-vivo applications. Not for commercial use. Other uses require a license from Li-Cor, Inc. under patents and patents pending in particular US Patent No. 6,995,274.

LightCycler® is sold under license from Roche Diagnostics GmbH.

TYE™ Dyes are sold under license from Thermo Fisher Scientific (Milwaukee) LLC.

Well-Red® Dyes: IDT manufactured oligonucleotides incorporating Well-Red® Dyes are made and sold under license from Beckman Coulter Inc., (BCI) for use exclusively with BCI instruments or BCI-approved instruments. All other uses are prohibited unless specifically and separately authorized by BCI.

Yakima Yellow®, Super G®, and Super T® are registered trademarks of Elitech Group and the respective modifications are sold under a licensing agreement with Elitech Group for use in any application, including without limitation, all commercial and diagnostic applications. Use of this product is covered by one or more of the following patents: U.S. 6,972,339; U.S. 7,112,684; U.S. 7,601,851; U.S. 8,569,516; U.S. 7,541,454; U.S. 7,671,218; U.S. 7,767,834; U.S. 8,008,522; U.S. 8,389,745; U.S. 8,163,910; JP 5,214,967.

Gene Knockdown

Chimeric Antisense Oligos In addition to the exclusive license under the University of Iowa Research Foundation patents, IDT is the sole oligonucleotide supplier licensed under several patents owned or presently controlled by ISIS Pharmaceuticals, Inc. to manufacture and sell Chimeric Antisense Oligonucleotides to universities and other non-profit institutions for research purposes. Certain design, sequence, scale and use restrictions may apply. IDT reserves the unlimited right to refuse any order for Chimeric Antisense Oligos.

Locked Nucleic Acids (LNAs) IDT is licensed under patents and patent applications assigned to Exiqon A/S to sell oligonucleotides incorporating LNAs for research purposes only. Resale of LNA-oligos and their use in humans or in therapeutic applications are all prohibited.

RNAi IDT's products are licensed under U.S. and international patent rights owned by the Carnegie Institution of Washington that cover RNA interference. These products are accompanied by a limited non-exclusive worldwide license under the Carnegie Institution of Washington's patent rights for researchers at academic or other not-for-profit institutions to use the products for non-profit research. However, use of dsRNA for RNA interference by for-profit organizations require a license from the Carnegie Institution of Washington.

siRNA This product is licensed under European Patents 1144623, 121945 and foreign equivalents from Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Cambridge, USA and is provided only for use in academic and commercial research whose purpose is to elucidate gene function, including research to validate potential gene products and pathways for drug discovery and development and to screen non-siRNA based compounds (but excluding the evaluation or characterization of this product as the potential basis for a siRNA based drug) and not for any other commercial purposes. Information about licenses for commercial use (including discovery and development of siRNA-based drugs) is available from Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc., 300 Third Street, Cambridge MA 02142, USA.

DsiRNA Duplexes IDT is exclusively licensed under patents owned by the City of Hope and IDT to make and sell DsiRNA Duplex products for use in research and development. Use of DsiRNA Duplex products or technology in humans or for human or veterinary diagnostic, prophylactic or therapeutic purposes requires a separate license from City of Hope Medical Center.

UNA is the subject of patents owned by Arcturus Therapeutics Inc., and, other than the limited-use reagent for research use only rights set forth no right under any other patent is granted by the purchase of this product, whether expressly, by implication or by estoppel; The product is not licensed, and the purchaser may not use the product for manufacture, use or sale of RNA therapeutics; Should the purchaser wish to commercialize or distribute a therapeutic product containing or incorporating UNA, the purchaser is responsible for obtaining the necessary license from Arcturus Therapeutics Inc.

CRISPR Genome Editing

Broad, MIT, and Harvard Limited License

This product is provided under a "Limited License" and is granted by Broad, MIT and Harvard (“Licensor”) and Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc. (“IDT) to the final purchaser of the product (a "Limited Licensee") conveying to such Limited Licensee the nontransferable right to use the product purchased from IDT solely for research conducted by such Limited Licensee in accordance with all of the following requirements:  (i) the Limited Licensee shall not sell or otherwise transfer the product (including without limitation any material that contains the product in whole or part) or any related materials, which includes any progeny, modification, or derivative thereof, or any cell or animal modified through the use of this product, or any progeny, modification or derivative of such cell or animal (“Related Material), to any other person or entity, or use the product to perform services for the benefit of any other person or entity, (ii) the Limited Licensee shall use only the purchased amount of the product and components of the product, and shall use any Related Material for its internal research use and expressly excluding (a) any clinical use, including without limitation, diagnostic and prognostic use, (b) any human, veterinary, livestock or agricultural use, or (c) the manufacture, distribution, importation, exportation, transportation, sale, offer for sale, marketing, promotion or other exploitation or use of, or as a testing service, therapeutic or diagnostic for humans or animals and not for any commercial purposes (“Field”), (iii) the Limited Licensee shall use the product and any Related Material  in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including without limitation applicable human health and animal welfare laws and regulations, (iv) Broad, MIT and Harvard shall provide no warranties of any kind to the Limited Licensee (statutory or implied) concerning the Patent Rights, or any products or Related Materials, including without limitation, as to product quality, condition, description, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, noninfringement of intellectual property rights or the absence of latent or other defects, and all such warranties are hereby expressly disclaimed, (v) Broad, MIT and Harvard shall expressly disclaim any warranty regarding results obtained through the use of the product, including without limitation any claim of inaccurate, invalid or incomplete results, (vi) Broad, MIT and Harvard, and their directors, trustees, officers, employees, agents, faculty, affiliated investigators, and students, shall have no liability to the Limited Licensee, including, without limitation, for any loss of use or profits, business interruption or any consequential, incidental, special or other indirect damages of any kind, regardless of how caused and regardless of whether an action in contract, tort, strict product liability or otherwise, (vii) the Limited Licensee shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Licensor and IDT against any liability, damage, loss, or expense (including without limitation reasonable attorneys' fees and expenses) incurred by or imposed upon any of the Licensor or IDT in connection with any claims, suits, investigations, actions, demands or judgments arising out of or related to the exercise of any rights granted to the Limited Licensee under the Limited License or any breach of the Limited License by such Limited Licensee and (viii) the product and its use may be the subject of one or more issued patents and/or pending patent applications owned by Broad, MIT and Harvard and the purchase of the product does not convey a license under any claims in the foregoing patents or patent applications directed to the product or use, production or commercialization thereof. 

Caribou Biosciences Limited License


Notice to Purchaser: This purchase of this Product conveys to the Purchaser the limited, non-transferable right to use this Product only to perform research for the sole benefit of the original Purchaser. No right to resell this Product or any of its components is conveyed expressly, by implication, estoppel, or otherwise. This Product is for permitted research purposes only and is not to be resold or used in a commercial product or service of any kind.

This Limited Use Label License does not include the right to (a) sell this Product or any product that is made by or uses this Product; (b) sell any components of this Product or any components that are made or modified by or use this Product; (c) sell or otherwise transfer human, animal or plant cells or organisms or transgenic materials containing this Product or made or modified by or using this Product or its components; or (d) otherwise use any of the foregoing for any commercial purpose. Permitted research purposes specifically excludes: (e) any activity in an agricultural field trial or any activity directed toward the submission of data to the U.S. Department of Agriculture; (f) preclinical or clinical testing or other activity directed toward the submission of data to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration where the active agent in such studies comprises the Products or derivatives thereof (including but not limited to transgenic animals and modified cells); and (g) high throughput screening drug discovery purposes (i.e., the screening of more than 10,000 experiments per day) as well as scale-up production activities for commercialization.

For the avoidance of doubt, and for purposes of clarity, Purchaser is expressly authorized to use this Product, subject to the limitations stated herein, in the following applications:

  1. use of CRISPR-Cas9 technology to modify nucleic acid and genomic constructs and networks, as well as cell line modifications;
  2. use of CRISPR-Cas9 engineered nucleic acid constructs or cell lines to develop and validate molecular biology assays not directly incorporating CRISPR-Cas9 technology, which molecular biology assays may then be marketed to third parties; and
  3. use of CRISPR-Cas9 engineered cell lines or nucleic acid constructs to discover and develop any product, including therapeutic products, not directly incorporating CRISPR-Cas9 technology, which products may then be sold to third parties; provided, however, that such products do not include (1) cell lines that were modified with CRISPR-Cas9 technology, or (2) nucleic acid constructs incorporating CRISPR-Cas9 technology.

For information on obtaining additional rights, please contact or Caribou Biosciences, Inc., 2929 7th Street, Suite 105, Berkeley, CA 94710 USA, Attn: Licensing.

Other Disclaimers

Acrydite™. IDT is licensed under U.S. Patent Number 6,180,770, and 5,932,711 to sell oligos incorporating Acrydite™ modifications for use solely in the purchaser's own life sciences research and development activities. Resale, or use of this product in clinical or diagnostic applications, or other commercial applications, requires separate license from Matrix Technologies, Inc. Acrydite™ is a trademark of Matrix Technologies, Inc.

ATTO™ fluorescent dyes. Oligos purchased from IDT that are labeled with ATTO™ fluorescent dyes are licensed under patents and other intellectual property owned by ATTO-TEC GmbH for use in any application, including diagnostic and other commercial applications.

Click-Chemistry enabled, modified oligos are manufactured and sold under license from Baseclick GmbH, using Base-click's proprietary Click Chemistry. All such modified products are sold by IDT for the end-user's internal research purposes only. See for further details. 

Dithiol Modified Oligos, are protected by patents owned by FRIZ Biochem Gesellschaft für Bioanalytik mbH and may be used for research purposes only.

Iso dC and Iso dG. IDT is licensed by Eragen Biosciences, Inc., under United States Patent Numbers 5,432,272; 6,001,983; 6,037,120; and 6,140,496, and other pending applications to sell oligonucleotides for non-commercial, research use in the life sciences research market.

RNaseAlert® compositions and methods are protected under U.S. Patent No. 6,773,885 and other pending IDT patent(s). RNaseAlert is a registered trademark of Ambion, Inc.

StarFire® compositions and methods are protected under U.S. Patent No. 6,773,885 and other pending IDT patent(s).


IDT Trademarks

Alt-R™, DNaseAlert™, Express DLP™, gBlocks®, Hot Plate®, I-Linker™, Iowa Black®, LabLinker®, Lockdown®, MAX™, Mini Gene™, Oligo Analyzer®, OligoCard®, PrimerQuest®, PrimeTime®, Rapid HPLC™, Ready Made Primers™, SameDay®, SciTools®, StarFire®, TAO™, TEX™ 613, TYE™, Ultramer®, xGen®, ZEN

Other Trademarks

SYBR® Green and RNaseAlert® are registered trademarks of Life Technologies, Inc.

TaqMan® is a registered trademark of Roche Molecular Systems that is licensed exclusively to Applied Biosystems Inc. for use in certain non-diagnostics field.

Uni-Link™ is a trademark of Clontech Laboratories, Inc.