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IDT partners with leading investigators by supplying library prep kits, adapters, and hybridization capture and target enrichment solutions for NGS.

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Sensitive and accurate variant detection from degraded samples.

xGen™ Prism DNA Library Prep Kit

Maximizes conversion and virtually eliminates adapter-dimer formation, with higher conversion rates and minimized sequence errors.

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Superior on-target coverage and uniformity

The xGen™ Exome Research Panel v2

The new industry standard for exome coverage and performance, offering exceptional customization, while saving time and money.

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Application note

Biomarker discovery research: Cancer molecular profiling

Converting tissue samples into NGS libraries can be tough due to the low quantity and quality of real world samples. See how the xGen Prism DNA Library Prep Kit solves this problem.

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New guide

Targeted sequencing guide

Targeted NGS focuses on specific genomic regions, and with plenty of available approaches, it can be hard to know where to start.

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