xGen® Lockdown® Panels

Stocked Enrichment Panels for Targeted Next Generation Sequencing

xGen® Lockdown® Panels are stocked enrichment panels for targeted next generation sequencing. Lockdown Panels consist of individually synthesized and quality controlled Lockdown Probes that have been internally validated to provide the highest level of performance.

The xGen® Exome Research Panel v1.0 consists of 429,826 GMP compliant, individually synthesized, and quality controlled xGen Lockdown® Probes—covering 19,396 genes and spanning 39 Mb of the human genome.

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The xGen® AML Cancer Panel v1.0 comprises 11,743 individually synthesized and quality controlled xGen Lockdown® Probes that deliver deep enrichment of targets from more than 260 genes associated with the AML disease pathway.

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The xGen® Pan-Cancer Panel v1.5 consists of 7816 individually synthesized and quality controlled xGen Lockdown® Probes that provide deep enrichment of 127 significantly mutated genes implicated across 12 tumor types.

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The xGen® Inherited Diseases Panel v1.0 comprises 116,355 xGen Lockdown® Probes targeting 4503 genes and 180 SNPs associated with inherited diseases. The panel is available in 2 sizes—16 reactions and 96 reactions.

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Design Method

The design of xGen® Lockdown® Panels is typically based on 1X tiling of xGen Lockdown Probes (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Schematic of 1X Tiling Density. Probes are tiled end-to-end to allow each base within the region of interest to be covered at least once.

Synthesis and Quality Control

xGen® Lockdown® Probes are synthesized individually using the IDT Ultramer® synthesis platform, which incorporates the highest coupling rate (~99.6%) in the oligonucleotide manufacturing industry to provide high quality, long oligonucleotides.

The quality of each probe is then assessed by electrospray ionization mass spectrometry (ESI-MS; Figure 2 shows a typical trace). Even probes with high GC content can be synthesized. Probes that do no pass QC are documented, unlike probes from an array pool, where there is no way of knowing beforehand of their presence or absence.

Figure 2. ESI-MS of a Typical xGen® Lockdown® Probe. The trace of an xGen Lockdown Probe with 78.3% GC content is shown. Sequence: 5′ biotin–GCG GCG AGC GGA GAT CCG GGG CCT GCG CTG CGC ACT CGA GCC TGG CGG GCC GGC ACG GTG CGG GCC ATG AGC GGG GCG GTG CCC CAG GAC CTA GCG GTG AGT GGC GGC CGA GTC GGG CAC

Supplementing xGen® Lockdown® Panels

xGen® Lockdown Panels can be customized by supplementing with additional probes. When supplementing an xGen Lockdown Panel, it is important to add the new probes at the same molar concentration as the probes in the original pool. The following table lists the molar concentration of each probe for a single hybrid capture reaction.

Panel Number of Probes fmol per Reaction
xGen® Exome Research Panel v1.0  429,8260.025 
xGen® Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cancer Panel v1.0 11,743 0.255
xGen® Pan-Cancer Panel v1.0 7,816 0.384
xGen® Inherited Diseases Panel v1.0 116,355 0.026

For step-by-step instructions on how to supplement xGen Lockdown Panels with additional probes, consult the appendix to the xGen Rapid Capture Protocol, Probe Supplementation (Spike-In) Protocol v1.0.

Performance Guarantee

All products have been functionally tested using the xGen® Rapid Capture Protocol, which is available online. Please contact IDT at xgen@idtdna.com for more information on tested protocols. Products are expected to be functional for up to 6 months after the "sell by" date listed on the tube.