IDT SciTools® Web Tools

These software applications determine the properties of any oligo sequence entered, as well as facilitate the intelligent design of assay conditions, all at the click of a button. The suite is easy to use and makes it simple to add each optimized oligonucleotide to an ongoing order list ready for purchase.


Analyze primers, probes, RNAi oligos and more. Identifies melting temperature, hairpins, dimers and mismatches.

Use OligoAnalyzer v 3.1 »


Create highly customized designs for PCR primers and qPCR assays.

Design primers & assays »

Oligo Analysis

UNAFold Tool

Secondary structure analysis

Dilution Calculator

Find the volume needed to dilute your oligo stock to a lower concentration

Resuspension Calculator

Find the volume needed to resuspend a dry oligo to a desired concentration

qPCR and PCR Amplification

PrimeTime® Predesigned qPCR Assay Database

Selects qPCR primers and probe sequences for human, mouse, and rat assays based on up-to-date sequence data

RealTime PCR Tool

Selects custom qPCR assays for any species

Next Generation Sequencing

NGS Target Capture Design Tool

Design hybrid capture probe sets for human, mouse, rat and other targets using flexible input formats and tiling parameters.

454 Fusion Primers

Designs primers for next generation sequencing on 454 GS GLX Standard or Titanium Platforms

Synthetic Biology

Codon Optimization Tool

Automates codon optimization of a gene to the species of your choice

Gene Regulation and Knockdown

Predesigned DsiRNA Selection Tool

Selects DsiRNA Duplexes and TriFECTa® Screening Kits for your sequence

Antisense Design Tool

Selects and designs antisense oligonucleotides against your specific sequence

RNAi Design Tool

Generates duplex siRNA sequences for RNAi applications

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