Site-directed mutagenesis—improvements to established methods

Double-stranded gBlocks Gene Fragments are an ideal tool for many mutagenesis applications. This article describes some of the relevant methods and how gene fragments can save you both time and money.

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Need a Non-Standard Modification?

IDT offers 89 modifications that are not listed in our online catalog. A few of the more popular ones are described along with information on how to order them. IDT will consider any modification you have in mind. Please make such inquiries to

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Interpreting Melt Curves: An Indicator, Not a Diagnosis

Examining PCR melt curve data to determine what it can/cannot tell us about resulting PCR amplicons.

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Target Enrichment Facilitates Focused Next Generation Sequencing

The rationale and benefits of enriching subsets of the genome (target enrichment by hybrid capture) prior to sequencing.

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Modification Highlight: Modifications that Block Nuclease Degradation

Description of modifications that can be added to an oligo to limit nuclease degradation, for example, when experiments where the oligos are to be used in cell culture or in vivo.

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