More ZEN/Fluorophore Combos!

Use ZEN Double-Quenched Probes for Multiplex qPCR

ZEN Double-Quenched Probes increase sensitivity and provide improved precision in qPCR applications. Recent testing has shown that ZEN Double-Quenched Probes increased endpoint signal by more than 30% and decreased background fluorescence 3 fold when compared to traditional Black Hole or TAMRA™ quenchers. Researchers now have the ability to run multiplex qPCR experiments that take advantage of the low background and increased sensitivity that ZEN Double-Quenched Probes offer. Newly available PrimeTime qPCR Assays featuring ZEN Double-Quenched Probes with HEX and TET dyes, along with previously offered FAM assays, are compatible with a variety of real-time PCR instruments. The addition of JOE- and MAX™-labeled probes provides even more flexibility when designing experiments. For more about ZEN Double-Quenched Probes see the Product Spotlight article, Design qPCR Probes With high Tms Without Sacrificing Quenching Capacity.. Recommendations on dye selection for multiplex real-time PCR assays can be found on the IDT website,, under the Support menu.