Functional nucleic acids as antibody alternatives and for small molecule detection

Learn how 2015 iGEM Team Heidelberg students applied functional nucleic acids to design high affinity, ligand-specific aptamers, in just hours, and without SELEX. They used their aptamers to replace conventional antibodies in western blots to successfully detect target proteins. Additional projects addressed repair of the mutated CFTR mRNA expressed by people afflicted with cystic fibrosis, and development of an in-the-field date rape drug test strip. Their DNA aptamer sequence designs were synthesized as single-stranded DNA oligonucleotides by IDT.

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Czech Republic iGEM team’s diagnostic for circulating tumor cells

Research profile: Read how students participating on the Czech Republic’s first iGEM team reprogram yeast cells to identify circulating tumor cells. Their project, the IOD Band, could become a general diagnostic test for early detection and mapping of tumor cell mobility. IDT gBlocks® Gene Fragments facilitated rapid, construct assembly of IOD Band receptor molecules.

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Increasing ddPCR performance in low target HIV assays

ZEN Double-Quenched qPCR Probes work well in ddPCR, providing Dr Matthew Strain’s lab additional sensitivity through lower background in experiments with low copy number samples, where individual droplets matter. The Strain lab has published open-access protocols for their HIV assays that include these updated ZEN probe designs at

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Methane-oxidizing bacteria for a reduced carbon footprint

IDT recently awarded Dr Patricia Tavormina with the inaugural ISO 14001 Sustainability Award for her innovative research on methane-oxidizing bacteria. Learn about Dr Tavormina’s work, and how her findings could someday guide methane mitigation strategies for a more sustainable future.

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Developing onsite genotyping of Antarctic penguins

This article highlights the increasing need for mobile qPCR testing using an example from conservation biology. PrimeTime® Custom qPCR Assays have been designed to distinguish genetic variants of Adélie penguins.

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