Dengue, Zika transmission slowed by Wolbachia bacterium

The Eliminate Dengue Program is a multinational research organization dedicated to reducing the spread of mosquito-transmitted diseases. Learn about how IDT is supporting their work, which has recently made breakthroughs for dengue and Zika virus mitigation.

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3D polyhedral meshes—simplifying nanoscale DNA structure designs

Research profile: Learn how the Högberg Lab designed a simplified DNA scaffolding method, including software that quickly determines the “oligonucleotide staples” required to fold a ssDNA sequence into any desired shape.

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Measuring promoter-driven transcriptional noise in E. coli

Research profile: Read about how gBlocks® Gene Fragments facilitated the College of William & Mary’s iGEM project on promoter stochasticity (“noise”), which won the Grand Prize at the 2015 iGEM Giant Jamboree. The team applied Elowitz’s promoter evaluation method to the 3 most frequently used promoters in the iGEM BioBrick registry and found significant differences in promoter function.

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“Boomerang”—targeting cancer treatments to cancer cells

Research profile: Read about how the 2015 Ben-Gurion iGEM team developed a CRISPR-Cas9 transactivation system into a highly specific cancer targeting tool, with both diagnostic and therapeutic potential.

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Functional nucleic acids as antibody alternatives for small molecule detection

Research profile: Learn how 2015 iGEM Team Heidelberg students applied functional nucleic acids to design high-affinity, ligand-specific aptamers, in just hours, and without SELEX. They used their aptamers to replace conventional antibodies in western blots to successfully detect target proteins. Additional projects addressed repair of the mutated CFTR mRNA expressed by people afflicted with cystic fibrosis, and development of an in-the-field date rape drug test strip. Their DNA aptamer sequence designs were synthesized as single-stranded DNA oligonucleotides by IDT.

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