Towards next generation biosensors

Read how fluorescent protein-based Ca2+ indicators based on naturally occurring substrates are assembled using gBlocks Gene Fragments. These sensors are being developed to monitor in vivo neural activity.

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Intact, single cell analysis of protein and nucleic acid biomarkers for clinical diagnostics

One of IDT’s GMP customers, IncellDx is a unique molecular diagnostics company with high throughput cellular analysis technologies and assays that can simultaneously identify specific protein, RNA, and DNA species within intact cells. They describe their technology and the product quality and services the IDT GMP division provides.

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Developing a qPCR point-of-care diagnostic for Ebola

Learn how Ubiquitome, Battelle, and IDT are developing a rapid qPCR Ebola virus test for easy use in the field. The PrimeTime qPCR assay is designed to be run on Ubiquitome’s hand-held, battery powered real-time PCR device, the Freedom4.

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DRONE delivers oligos for promoter oligonucleotide pull-down assay

An IDT customer who is using IDT oligos for a transcription factor pull-down assay and qPCR assays for expression analysis, wins an April Fools' Day drone prize.

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Delivering Comprehensive Genomic Profiling for Clinical Cancer Care

Scientists at Foundation Medicine, Inc. are leading a transformation in cancer care by helping clinicians to select appropriate treatment options for each patient, informed by a thorough understanding of the molecular changes specific to their disease. Read about the use of xGen® Lockdown® Probes in their flagship FoundationOne® Test.

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