Developing a qPCR point-of-care diagnostic for Ebola

Learn how Ubiquitome, Battelle, and IDT are developing a rapid qPCR Ebola virus test for easy use in the field. The PrimeTime qPCR assay is designed to be run on Ubiquitome’s hand-held, battery powered real-time PCR device, the Freedom4.

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DRONE delivers oligos for promoter oligonucleotide pull-down assay

An IDT customer who is using IDT oligos for a transcription factor pull-down assay and qPCR assays for expression analysis, wins an April Fools' Day drone prize.

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Delivering Comprehensive Genomic Profiling for Clinical Cancer Care

Scientists at Foundation Medicine, Inc. are leading a transformation in cancer care by helping clinicians to select appropriate treatment options for each patient, informed by a thorough understanding of the molecular changes specific to their disease. Read about the use of xGen® Lockdown® Probes in their flagship FoundationOne® Test.

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She Prefers Red—Guppy Mate Preference

Scientists from Simon Fraser University (British Columbia, Canada) use guppies as a model to study the evolution of female mate preferences for male coloration. Read more about their field study using PrimeTime® qPCR Assays, ZEN™ Double-Quenched Probes, and gBlocks® Gene Fragments.

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Understanding How Distal Regulatory Elements Control Gene Expression

Based on Chromosomal Conformational Capture technology, Capture-C, a method developed by the Hughes laboratory (Oxford University, United Kingdom), allows researchers to isolate distal regulatory elements that interact with specific promoters in 3 dimensional space. By combining Capture-C with target capture using IDT xGen® Lockdown® Probes, and next generation sequencing, the researchers can interrogate the regulatory landscapes of hundreds of genes in a single experiment.

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