Towards Providing Personalized Medicine—Considerations for Reliable Data

Scientists at Geneseeq Technology, Inc. demonstrate how they improved their target capture methods to increase accuracy in clinical diagnostics by using optimized blocking oligos and stringent hybridization conditions.

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iGEM Students Engineer Biological Tools for a Better World

Projects from 2 of the prize-winning 2014 iGEM teams show how non-standard natural and synthetic amino acids can be used in 1) peptide synthesis, and 2) tuberculosis monitoring and treatment. Both projects make use of gBlocks Gene Fragments to speed construct assembly.

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Discriminating Highly Similar Transcripts Using rhPCR

Description of RNase H-dependent PCR, a technology developed to increase PCR specificity and eliminate unwanted interactions between primer sets (e.g., primer-dimers, etc.). An example is provided in which it is used to distinguishing highly similar alternatively spliced sequences. This technology can also be useful in genotyping applications, in highly multiplexed qPCR assays, library construction for Next Generation DNA Sequencing, and for rare allele detection, where the added specificity provided by the blocked-cleavable primers enables detection of a rare mutant allele in a background of large amounts of wild type DNA.

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Using DsiRNA to Map Pain Pathways in the CNS

DsiRNAs (Dicer-substrate RNAs) are chemically synthesized 27mer duplex RNAs that have increased potency in RNA interference compared to traditional 21mer siRNAs. Read on for an example of a lab using this technology for in vivo delivery to the CNS.

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Epigenetic Biomarkers for Prostate Cancer

Methylation and expression analysis methods are used to evaluate epigenetic markers for early, noninvasive detection of aggressive prostate cancer. IDT PrimeTime® qPCR Assays, ZEN™ Double-Quenched Probes, and gBlocks® Gene Fragments are used to facilitate this research.

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