Understanding How Distal Regulatory Elements Control Gene Expression

Based on Chromosomal Conformational Capture technology, Capture-C, a method developed by the Hughes laboratory (Oxford University, United Kingdom), allows researchers to isolate distal regulatory elements that interact with specific promoters in 3 dimensional space. By combining Capture-C with target capture using IDT xGen® Lockdown® Probes, and next generation sequencing, the researchers can interrogate the regulatory landscapes of hundreds of genes in a single experiment.

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Improving Immuno-PCR by Optimizing Antibody-Oligo Conjugation

Immuno-PCR, a modified antigen detection method, uses an antibody coupled to DNA, which is then amplified using real-time PCR. The method can significantly increase antibody-target detection sensitivity by 100–10,000X over standard ELISA assays. Innova Biosciences provides both a kit and a service to generate the antibody-oligonucleotide conjugates, and affirms that the high quality of IDT oligos provides optimal conjugation.

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Color-Changing Flowers—Biotechnology for Everyone

A start-up synthetic biology company is bioengineering color-changing flowers to capture the imagination of the general public and make genetically modified organisms (GMOs) more accessible, personal, and better understood.

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Towards Providing Personalized Medicine—Considerations for Reliable Data

Scientists at Geneseeq Technology, Inc. demonstrate how they improved their target capture methods to increase accuracy in clinical diagnostics by using optimized blocking oligos and stringent hybridization conditions.

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iGEM Students Engineer Biological Tools for a Better World

Projects from 2 of the prize-winning 2013 iGEM teams show how non-standard natural and synthetic amino acids can be used in 1) peptide synthesis, and 2) tuberculosis monitoring and treatment. Both projects make use of gBlocks® Gene Fragments to speed construct assembly.

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