Analyzing microbiomes—their impact on our health and our environment

Research profile: One of the leading experts in microbiome research and founding member of the Human Microbiome Project, Dr Rob Knight looks for connections between the microbiomes of people and places to human and environmental health. Learn how the Knight lab addresses the challenges of DNA isolation and 16S rRNA primer design and validation for the diverse microbiota that comprise these study samples.

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Genome editing in C. elegans using the Alt-R® CRISPR System

Scientists in the Dernburg lab have successfully executed CRISPR genome editing in C. elegans. Read this research profile to learn about their approach to editing, homology directed repair, and progeny screening. An abbreviated method and link to a full protocol are also provided.

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Increasing ddPCR performance in low target HIV assays

ZEN™ Double-Quenched qPCR Probes work well in ddPCR. Learn how Dr Matthew Strain’s lab used ZEN™ Double-Quenched qPCR Probes in ddPCR, to achieve additional sensitivity through lower background in experiments with low copy number samples, where individual droplets matter. The Strain lab has published open-access protocols for their HIV assays that include these updated ZEN probe designs at

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Developing onsite genotyping of Antarctic penguins

This research profile highlights the increasing need for mobile qPCR testing using an example from conservation biology. Read how PrimeTime® Custom qPCR Assays have been designed to distinguish genetic variants of Adélie penguins.

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Developing a qPCR point-of-care diagnostic for Ebola

Learn how Ubiquitome, Battelle, and IDT are developing a rapid qPCR Ebola virus test for easy use in the field. The PrimeTime qPCR assay is designed to be run on Ubiquitome’s hand-held, battery powered real-time PCR device, the Freedom4.

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