How long does IDT retain customer orders online?

IDT retains customer orders online for several years.  To retrieve this information, use the log-In ID and password for your web account.  When you have logged in, go to the Order tab and click the "Order History" button.  This will allow you to access most of your order data.  You can download spec sheets, invoices, and QC information from this page. For orders older than one year you will need to “search” by clicking on the magnifying glass on the Order History page and modifying the dates or other criteria shown there.

To request a copy of your entire order history or if you would like to have an excel file with this information compiled in one document, please contact our Customer Care Department at 1-800-328-2661 (US customers) or, who can confirm if this information is available. Please note this information can only be sent to the email address on the account.

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