When will my oligos arrive?

The processing time depends on the scale, modification, and purification that you request for your oligo.

Standard desalt oligos will normally take two days to process and ship (ex: ordered Monday-shipped Tuesday) upon meeting our QC standards.

If you order using our Same Day service before the 2:00PM CST deadline for an oligo that is 15-45 bases in length and has no additional modifications or purifications, the oligo will ship that night if it passes QC checks.

HPLC or PAGE purified oligos will take 3-5 days as long as they pass QC checks.

Oligos with dual purification or dual labels will be shipped in 5-7 days upon passing QC checks.

We also have ReadyMade Primers that can be ordered from our catalog and if they are ordered before 5:00 p.m. CST the oligo will be shipped that night as long as they are on stock.

Within the United states and Canada, oligos are shipped by standard overnight service, and will arrive the next day. All international orders are shipped when complete. Actual arrival time will depend on the customs procedures required for your country.

Additional time may be required for oligos that do not meet QC or yield guarantees and require re-synthesis.

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