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Should I amplify my gBlocks® Gene Fragments when I receive them?

gBlocks® Gene Fragments are chemically synthesized, double-stranded DNA, delivered normalized to 250, 500, or 1000 ng, depending on length, and dried down. This should provide sufficient DNA for 2–4 cloning reactions according to most protocols. We recommend avoiding amplification of gBlocks Gene Fragments because of the potential for polymerase introduced errors. If you do need to amplify your gBlocks Gene Fragments, it is strongly recommended that you use a high-fidelity polymerase in order to limit the introduction of errors to your gBlocks Gene Fragments sequence. A protocol for amplification using the Phusion® DNA polymerase (NEB) can be downloaded at, under the Support tab. For additional information, download a copy of the gBlocks Gene Fragments user guide or contact us at
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