What are the differences between use of Black Hole Quencher®-1 vs Black Hole Quencher®-2 dual-labeled probes?

Jul 30, 2013, 17:01 PM
Black Hole Quencher®-1 (BHQ-1) and Black Hole Quencher®-2 (BHQ-2) differ in the spectrum they are able to absorb. BHQ-1 is used to quench green and yellow dyes, such as FAM, TET, and HEX. BHQ-2 is prefered for quenching  orange or red dyes, such as TAMRA™, Texas Red®, and Cy™ 5. BHQ-1 and BHQ-2 quenched oligos can be used together in a multiplex qPCR reaction.
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