Beyond Cloning: 101 Uses of gBlocks® Gene Fragments

In addition to a standard gene synthesis service, IDT offers a novel, rapid, and reliable method to build and clone the genes you need at a fraction of the cost of full gene synthesis services. gBlocks® Gene Fragments are double-stranded, sequence-verified DNA blocks of length 125--750 bp. Their high sequence fidelity and rapid delivery time make gBlocks Gene Fragments ideal for a large range of synthetic biology applications. In this video, Dr Adam Clore reviews a variety of uses of gBlocks fragments, including CRISPR-based genome modification, qPCR and HRM controls, and the assembly of gene fragments using the Gibson Assembly® Method.

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About the presenter:

Adam Clore, PhD manages the Synthetic Biology Design and Support group at IDT and is involved in synthetic biology product development, research, and biosecurity. Dr Clore has a background in microbiology and biochemistry. Prior to his work at IDT, he studied the molecular genetics of hyperthermophilic archaea and their viruses for his PhD in Biology and Systems Science.