qPCR Assay Design & Setup - Technical Tips

This seminar focuses on 5′ nuclease assay design and experimental setup. We provide guidelines for using design parameters such as Tm, GC content, amplicon size, and location of primers and probe. We also point to several free, online tools that can aid in these processes.

About the Speaker

Aurita Menezes, Ph.D. began her science education in the field of biochemistry and went on to obtain a Ph.D. in microbiology. Her postdoctoral work focused on the effects of viral and chemical injury to pulmonary cells. Throughout her research career she has used a broad range of molecular techniques including qPCR 5' nuclease assays. Aurita is currently a Scientific Applications Specialist at IDT and, as an authority on IDT PrimeTime® qPCR products, she trains customer care and technical support representatives on the basics of PCR and qPCR. In addition, she is responsible for designing researchers' qPCR assays, troubleshooting their experiments, and supporting researchers in analysis and interpretation of their qPCR data.