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Expanding Your Research Capabilities Using Targeted NGS

Target enrichment enables researchers to focus their next generation sequencing (NGS) efforts on regions of interest, allowing them to obtain more sequencing data relevant to their study. In-solution target capture is a method of enrichment using oligonucleotide probes directed to specific regions within a genome. Target capture can be used to enrich multiple samples simultaneously, reducing the cost per sample, while using individually synthesized probes allows researchers to construct gene panels that can be optimized over time.

Rami Zahr, NGS Field Applications Specialist, and Ibrahim Jivanjee, NGS Product Manager at IDT, will discuss how to incorporate xGen® Target Capture products into your workflow to get more out of your sequencing. Applications to be discussed include targeting whole genes, transposons and viral integration sites, translocations, and splice variants, as well as genotyping. 

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Presenters:  Rami Zhar, BS, MS and Ibrahim Jivanjee, BS, MBA

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Rami Zahr

Rami Zahr received his BS in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University. During the same period he researched coliform contamination in Cayuga Lake and its tributaries. After graduating, he worked at the NIH for 3 years, studying immune system development in rabbits, mice, and humans. He received his MS degree in Bioinformatics from Johns Hopkins University and is now an NGS Field Application Specialist at IDT. 

Ibrahim Jivanjee

Ibrahim Jivanjee has a BS degree in Molecular Biology from the University of California, San Diego. Prior to working at IDT, Ibrahim worked in product development in the fields of proteomics, molecular therapeutics, and diagnostics. After receiving his MBA from the Henry B. Tippie School of Management at the University of Iowa, Ibrahim joined IDT to work on the development of next generation sequencing solutions.