Using Free Online Tools for Oligonucleotide Analysis and Design

In this seminar we review key SciTools®, which are all available to the public at no cost. We focus on the tools used for basic oligonucleotide analysis across many molecular biology applications, including those for sequence analysis and for thermodynamic properties of dimers and hairpins.  We also discuss design of oligos for PCR applications.  A final review the entire SciTool suite will give you exposure on how to use effective oligonucleotides more effectively, increasing your experimental success.

About the Speaker

Over the past several years, Brendan Owens has worked with researchers on oligonucleotide design for a wide range of molecular applications. With experience in oligonucleotide production, and technical support and training, Brendan has a strong grasp of the issues that researchers face in optimizing their experiments, and how our SciTools can be helpful for their specific applications. Brendan Owens is the Assistant Manager of Technical Support at Integrated DNA Technologies.