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Did You Know?

RxnReady Oligos—Get Your Oligos Premixed!

Oligonucleotide mixes can be useful when performing multiplex PCR, or when generating sets of insertions or deletions through site-directed mutagenesis. Multiple probes in a single mix might also be used for FISH and similar chromosomal painting applications. Making these mixes requires bench time and can result in errors due to contamination. However, IDT can make oligonucleotide mixes for you. For a minimal mixing fee, you can have 2–6 standard desalted DNA oligonucleotides premixed in a single tube according to your specifications. RxnReady oligos may even be ordered with certain modifications. Yields range between 5 and 50 nmoles, and your mixed oligos can be shipped dried down or hydrated (in RNase-free water* or IDTE, pH 8.0).

To order RxnReady oligo mixes, submit 2−6 sequences using the RxnReady ordering tool found under Custom DNA Oligos on our website. You can also order primer mixes through the PrimerQuest® Tool in the SciTools® applications suite (www.idtdna.com/scitools). For more complex oligo mixes, including those containing more than 6 sequences, email customquotes@idtdna.com.

*To ensure longer stability of oligos, IDT recommends resuspension in IDTE.