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Easy Resuspension and Dilution of Oligonucleotides

Free Resuspension and Dilution Calculators are found under the SciTools® tab of the IDT website (Figure 1).

The Resuspension Calculator (Figure 2a) determines the volume needed to resuspend a dry-shipped oligo for a desired final concentration. You can provide the input as nmole, mg, or as OD260 with MW or extinction coefficient (provided on the spec sheet sent with the oligo). Likewise, you can specify the units of final concentration.

Note: Be sure to enter the amount shipped, not the scale ordered, as synthesis efficiency and purification will decrease the ultimate amount of oligo you receive. 

Figure 1. Access the Resuspension and Dilution Calculators from the IDT Website.

A. Resuspension Calculator.

B. Dilution Calculator.

Figure 2. Select Desired Units from the (A) Resuspension and (B) Dilution Calculators.

The Dilution Calculator (Figure 2b) provides details on how to dilute a stock solution to a desired concentration. You are given a choice of input and output concentration units (molarity or mass per volume).

The Resuspension and Dilution Calculators are just two examples out of a suite of SciTools programs, provided for free use on the IDT website. Others include:

  • OligoAnalyzer® Program—Provides primer properties like Tm and GC%, and predicts primer loops, primer dimers, and primer-primer compatibility 
  • UNAFold Program—Predicts nucleic acid folding and hybridization 
  • Tools for selecting qPCR assays and DsiRNAs from a constantly updated library of designs 
  • Design engines for qPCR primers and probes, RNAi, Antisense, and LNA sequences.