PCR genotyping solutions and assays

rhAmp™ SNP Genotyping

rhAmp SNP Assays provide a simple, highly accurate, complete solution for SNP analysis that increases assay specificity through the use of RNase-H2–activated primers. rhAmp SNP Assays offer the best mix of performance and price.

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LNA PrimeTime® Probes

LNA PrimeTime Probes are dual-labeled DNA probes designed for use in 5′ nuclease assays. LNA-modified bases enable use of shorter probes with higher melting temperatures compared to probes with unmodified DNA bases. They are commonly used for custom applications such as transcript variant detection or research in microbial species.

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MGB Eclipse® Probes

MGB Eclipse Probes and companion primers are available for use in human, in vitro diagnostic applications. These are 5′ nuclease assays that incorporate probes containing a minor groove binder. These primers and probes are produced using our ISO 13485 certified production process for use as components in clinical diagnostic tests.

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