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The rhAmpSeq™ CRISPR Analysis System—An end-to-end solution for genome editing quantification

CRISPR systems enable targeted editing in a wide variety of organisms by introducing single- or double-strand breaks (DSBs) to DNA, which can be leveraged to introduce genomic changes. However, unintended DSBs can occur off-target at genomic loci with partial complementarity to CRISPR-Cas guide RNA (gRNA) sequences, which can result in genotype/phenotype changes in the edited cells. Genome editing at on- and off-target sites can be quantified with multiplexed targeted next-generation sequencing (NGS) but requires bioinformatics expertise to analyze. Here we present the rhAmpSeq CRISPR Analysis System as a streamlined end-to-end solution for designing assays, generating sequencing libraries, and analyzing NGS data for quantifying CRISPR on- and off-target editing effects without the need for bioinformatics experience.


  • Learn how rhAmpSeq CRISPR Analysis System can help you streamline your CRISPR genome editing analysis
  • Learn how to simultaneously quantify intended edits and evaluate off-target modifications with accuracy
  • Learn about reducing off-target effects without compromising potency

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March 31, 2021