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Science Related Podcasts, Books, and TV Shows

Here are some solid ideas for entertaining, science-related shows, podcasts, videos, books, and journals.
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Over the past year or so, almost every one of us has had more alone time than anticipated due to circumstances largely out of our control. While many chose to plow through the entertainment content on streaming services, others have chosen to make it a period of enrichment, delving into educational content delivered through every means of media. Our blogs have often reflected that.

In case you missed them, here are some blogs that pointed out some wonderful, science-themed content to read, watch and listen to, including some for the kids:

If you’ve had your fill of crime shows, royal family dramas, horror stories, and superheroes, how about watching something science-y? Here are some bingeworthy shows that fall in that category.

Science Shows

What about the kids? Here are some science shows they will love.

Science Podcasts

Are you a podcast fan? There are a ton of new science-related podcasts We offer some recommendations.

Science-Related Books and Journals

If reading is more your speed, you’ll want to snuggle up with these juicy titles from the fields of genetics and synthetic biology.

And if SynBio journals are your thing, you’ll want to check out the publication rankings in various disciplines, including biochemistry, bioengineering, and applied microbiology.

Finally, everyone loves a good viral video. We even had a scientist who became an accidental viral video star of sorts when he tried the Bottle Cap Challenge in the lab.

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