In vivo RNAi: Considerations and examples – a panel presentation

Advancing RNAi experiments towards in vivo studies represents a more rigorous level of testing for nucleic acid therapeutics beyond in vitro, cell-based experiments. Dr Garrett Rettig presents considerations for producing significant knockdown, including: - A suitable model system for testing gene knockdown or phenotypic effect - Route of delivery - Delivery vehicle - Potential for off-target effects Then, Pascal Tétreault presents an example of an in vivo RNAi application, along with a description of the logistics of in vivo experiments conducted in Dr Philippe Sarret's pre-clinical pain lab. The lab uses DsiRNA silencing technology to study the mechanisms of action of G protein-coupled receptors involved in chronic pain in the spinal cord. Both Dr Rettig and Tétreault then discuss challenges for in vivo RNAi experimental setup and take questions from the audience.

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