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Welcome to Integrated DNA Technologies

We’re happy you’re here! As you may know, IDT’s acquisition of Swift Biosciences provided an opportunity to unify our two brands into one, consolidated portfolio to better serve your sequencing needs.

We are pleased to introduce you to xGen™ NGS—made for you. xGen NGS represents our commitment to revolutionizing next generation sequencing solutions to accelerate discovery of the next breakthrough—both for this generation and those to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions

While our new partnership is sure to translate to many benefits, you may have questions. To help, we’ve included a few of our most common inquires below.

Why did the product names change?

New product names clarify offerings and simplify the ordering experience.

What if I do not see the product I typically order?

If you have a specific product you have ordered in the past and do not see it listed, contact your local sales representative.

For former Swift Biosciences customers who have custom products (part numbers starting with CP or SP), your IDT sales representative will contact you personally to provide part number and product name changes, including instructions on how to order.

Why are some of the products not available to order online?

Online ordering will adjust to feature only the newest versions of products. Other Swift Biosciences products will still be available to order via email only, but will be the same formulation and continue being manufactured in Ann Arbor, MI using the same process and quality release as before.

For help in finding the new IDT product name for your former Swift offerings, try our Swift to IDT Product Naming Conversion Tool today.

A full list of questions and answers can be found on our FAQ page.

Recommended Product Equivalents

While we had to make important decisions on which products to include in xGen, we’re excited to share all of Swift’s most loved products will remain critical components within our combined portfolio. See below for examples of the product naming translation.

  1. RNA and Rapid RNA are now xGen NGS RNA Library Preparation Kits
  2. Normalase™ is now xGen Normalase Module
  3. SNAP are now xGen NGS Amplicon Sequencing
  4. Methyl Seq is now xGen Methyl-Seq Library Preparation
  5. Sonic and Turbo v2 Library Preparation is now xGen NGS Library Preparation
  6. 1S is now xGen­ ssDNA Low-input DNA Preparation Kit

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