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Frequently Asked Questions

In March 2021, Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) announced the acquisition of Swift Biosciences, a step toward providing a more comprehensive xGen™ NGS portfolio to advance your genomics research.

Please review the questions and answers below for more information.

Why is my product being discontinued?

As a result of working to effectively streamline our NGS portfolio into the strongest technology and workflow solutions IDT currently has to offer, we will be obsoleting certain products. By mitigating redundant product offerings, updated solutions can offer our customers focused support, clarity within the portfolio, and enables us to serve customers like you better through differentiated end-to-end value to accelerate your research.

What can be offered in place of what’s been obsoleted?

For the newest, recommended products, please refer to Appendix A-C.

Who do I contact with questions about discontinued products, the expanded portfolio, and technical information?

For support and questions about these discontinued products and our newly expanded portfolio, please contact your local sales representative. For further technical information about the newest, recommended products lists, please contact

When’s the last time I can buy my product? Will it be available after the obsolescence date? Is there any way we can extend the obsolescence date?

Please refer to appendix A-C for obsolescence dates. Stocked products will not be available after the obsolescence date listed. For future ordering needs, please reach out to your local sales representative directly so we can better understand your current situation and discuss potential, alternative solutions.

If I currently have a supply agreement, how does the discontinuation of these products affect that?

Please reach out to your local sales representative directly to talk through this situation.

I am a channel partner with an established distribution agreement, who should I contact with questions?

Should you have further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to the correct sales leader in your region.

What are the part numbers and product name changes that occurred with IDT’s acquisition of Swift Biosciences?

See the complete list of changes communicated to current Swift Biosciences customers.
See the complete list of changes communicated to current IDT customers.

What if I do not see the product I typically order?

If you have a specific product you have ordered in the past and do not see it listed, contact your local sales representative.

Why are some products not available to order online?

Online ordering has adjusted to feature only the newest, recommended versions of products.

What ordering methods does IDT support?

IDT offers two convenient ways to order—online and by email through Organizations that do not currently have an online account are encouraged to set one up to access order history and download copies of invoices, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), Certificates of Analysis (COA), and QC documents.

How do I set up a web account?

To create a web account, click “Sign In” in the upper right corner of IDT’s website. Next, select “Register” and provide your information. Account-specific pricing will become available once your web account is linked to your customer record. This occurs after you submit your first order. If you already have a customer record with IDT, contact Customer Care to link your web account.

Click here for additional FAQs regarding your web account and ordering online

How do I access Safety Data Sheets?

Review the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) page on the IDT website. If you do not see the SDS for your product of interest, please contact

How do I access COAs?

Review the Certificates of Analysis (COA) page on the IDT website. Download your COA by searching for the batch or lot number. For custom products, specification sheets and COAs will be available to download from your online account.

What payment methods does IDT support?

All orders require a valid form of payment at the time of processing.

Options include:

  1. Purchase order (PO)
  2. Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, or American Express) for online orders only
  3. IDT OligoCard™ payment card
  4. Check
  5. Wire transfer

How do I pay my invoice?

IDT accepts payment by check, wire transfer, or credit card. IDT only accepts credit card information online. Invoices may be paid online by signing into a web account and selecting “My Account.”

What are standard payment terms for IDT?

Unless otherwise expressly agreed to by IDT prior to your order, payment is due 30 days from the invoice date.

What are IDT’s standard terms for usage, warranty, and licensing?

Review the terms, usage, warranty, and licenses page on the IDT website.

Who do I contact for order related inquiries?

For Assistance with:Order direct from IDT—Americas: Order direct from IDT—EMEA:
Questions about product selection, product use, and troubleshootingScientific Applications Support
Phone: +1-800-328-2661
Scientific Applications Support—EMEA
Phone: +32 (0) 16 28 22 60
Questions about how to order, how to pay, and order status Customer Care
Phone: +1-800-328-2661
Customer Care—EMEA
Phone: +32 (0) 16 28 22 60
Processing email quotes and order requests for IDT xGen™ products Strategic Services
Phone: +1-800-328-2661
Customer Care—EMEA
Phone: +32 (0) 16 28 22 60

How do I set IDT up as a vendor?

IDT delivery plant and customer shipment destination will determine which IDT entity will serve as your vendor. For countries not listed in the table below, please contact your regional Customer Care team:

For customers in Canada: Vendor: Integrated DNA Technologies Canada, Inc.
229 Yonge Street
Toronto, Ontario M5B 1N9
Default Currency:Canadian Dollars (CAD)
Payment Terms: Net 30
GST Registration#: 73544 3525 RT0001
Remittance Address: Integrated DNA Technologies Canada, Inc.
PO Box 8491, Station A
Toronto, Ontario M5W 3P1
Bank Name: JPMorgan Chase Bank NA, Toronto Branch
Wire/Swift Code for payments in CAD: Transit Number: 00012
Clearing Code: 027000012
Account Number: Inquire with Customer Care
For customers in the United States and LATAM: Vendor:Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc.
1710 Commercial Park
Coralville, IA 52241
Default Currency: US Dollar (USD)
Payment Terms: Net 30
TAX ID#: 42-1301142
Remittance Address: Integrated DNA Technologies, Inc.
PO Box 74007330 Chicago, IL 60674-7330
Bank Name: Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Wire/Swift Code: Bank Account Number: Inquire with Customer Care
ACH Routing: 071923284
Wire Routing: 026009593
Swift code: BOFAUS3N (for International Wire Transfers)
For customers in the United Kingdom: Vendor:Integrated DNA Technologies U.K., Ltd.
London City Point
1 Ropemaker Street
London, EC2Y 9HT
United Kingdom
Default Currency: Great British Pound (GBP)
Payment Terms: Net 30
VAT Registration #: GB933529807
Remittance Address: Integrated DNA Technologies UK, Ltd
PO Box 73759
WC1A 9NR London
United Kingdom
Bank Name: Bank of America
Wire/Swift Code for payments in GBP: Account Number: Inquire with Customer Support
Swift Code: BOFAGB22
IBAN no: GB25 BOFA 1650 5081 0400 17
Sort Code: 16-50-50