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Archer™ VARIANTPlexCFTR v2 panel

Comprehensive coverage for cystic fibrosis research

Interrogate all 27 exons and key intronic regions in the Cystic Fibrosis Conductance Regulator (CFTR) gene for germline variants, including detection and analysis of variants important for equitable research in diverse populations.

Detect confidently with Archer VARIANTPlex NGS Panels for DNA.

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Learn how the VARIANTPlex CFTR v2 panel can identify key genetic alterations for your research.

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Product details

Panel specifications

Targeted genesCFTR
Genomic alterationsSNVs, structural variants, ITDs
Input nucleic acid required*≥10 ng
Recommended number of reads100 K
Hands-on time<2.5 hours
Total library prep time1.5 days
Platform compatibilityIllumina®
Reagent formatLyophilized or liquid
Supported sample typesWhole blood

*Input mass requirements vary depending on type and quality. Unless the tumor cellularity and sample quality are high, 50 ng of FFPE-derived nucleic acid should be considered the minimum recommendation. If input is not limiting, 200 ng is recommended.

Gene targets

GeneRegions covered
CFTRAll exons (1-27) and select intronic regions

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Customize this NGS panel by adding any of our functionally-tested designs or create a new panel that fits your exact requirements with Assay Marketplace.

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  • Customize content—Use Assay Marketplace to modify any panel to fit your lab’s needs or start from scratch to keep up with the pace of discovery.
  • Achieve efficiencyParallel workflows across all Archer panels provides streamlined genomic characterization, while single use, reaction-sized lyophilized reagents minimize hands-on time and pipetting errors.
  • Detect confidently—A unique outlier detection algorithm leverages position-specific data to enable variant detection, one of the many ways that Archer Analysis empowers you to detect confidently.
  • Scale easily—Liquid reagents enable automated liquid handling workflows for high volume research labs, while Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMP™) chemistry fuels reliable performance at scale.

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