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Archer™ IMMUNOVerse™ BCR panel

Assess clonalities, MRD, and more with a targeted RNA assay

Characterize B-cell clonalities, including isotypes and subclasses in the Fc region and somatic hypermutations within the variable regions, with targeted NGS of B-cell receptor chain RNA relevant for blood cancer and solid tumor research.

Clarify the immune repertoire with Archer IMMUNOVerse NGS Panels for RNA.

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Product details

Panel specifications

Target regionsBCR heavy (IGH) and light (kappa/lambda) chains
ApplicationsClonality, MRD, profiling, somatic hypermutation
Input RNA required*20 ng to 6 μg
Recommended number of reads*250 K to 10 M
Hands-on time3.5 hours
Total library prep time1.5 days
Platform compatibilityIllumina®
Reagent formatLyophilized
Supported sample typesBlood, PBMC, bone marrow, sorted B cells, FFPE, fresh frozen tissue

*Input mass and read requirements vary depending on type, quality, B cell content, and application.


  • Secure data—Assessing samples in-house means you retain important data for further studies, ensuring all your data remains user-owned.
  • Identify moreAnchored Multiplex PCR (AMP™) chemistry amplifies effectively through hypervariable sequences and variable length fragments enabling rare clone detection, even for potentially degraded FFPE tissue.
  • Clarify confidentlyArcher Analysis corrects for amplification bias and sequencing errors to provide a true and reproducible measure of diversity and can be used for disease monitoring, repertoire profiling, and somatic hypermutation detection.
  • Achieve efficiencyParallel workflows across all Archer panels provides streamlined genomic characterization, while single use, reaction-sized lyophilized reagents minimize hands-on time and potential pipetting errors.

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