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Introducing Alt-R™ HDR Design Tool & Templates

A complete solution for achieving industry-leading homology-directed repair (HDR) rates based on extensive wet bench testing and customer validation

The Alt-R HDR Design Tool

Design and order (HDR) donor templates and associated Cas9 guide RNAs for genome editing human, mouse, rat, zebrafish, or C. elegans targets

  • Optimized donor template design and Cas9 guide RNA selection
  • Flexible input and design parameters
  • Outstanding HDR rates with Alt-R HDR Donor Oligos
Alt-R CRISPR HDR Design Tool Screenshot

Alt-R HDR donor oligos

If you already have your donor sequences, order them as Alt-R modified donor oligos, and achieve outstanding HDR rates

  • Ideal for introducing point mutations or short insertions
  • Available in tube or plate formats
Alt-R HDR donor oligos