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What is the difference between scale and yield, and why don’t I receive that full amount designated by the scale I order?

Oligo synthesis is accomplished through a series of steps, including coupling of individual bases, cleaving the oligo from the solid support, desalting, and if requested, purification of the oligo by HPLC or PAGE. No chemical reaction occurs with 100% efficiency, and, thus, each of these steps will incur a loss of final yield, which varies from specific sequence synthesis to synthesis. Due to this variation, IDT custom oligos are ordered according to the amount of starting material used for the synthesis, referred to as the scale. While we cannot predict the actual final yield, we do guarantee a specific minimum yield for each oligo based on its sequence, starting scale, and the typical yield obtained under those specified conditions. If you would like to know the minimum guaranteed yield for a specific oligo, simply add it to your Shopping Cart. The Shopping Cart provides you with the guaranteed minimum yield. If it is insufficient or excessive for your needs, simply edit the scale. Please contact our Technical Support Department at 1-800-328-2661 or if you have any questions about the yield you have received.
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