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RxnReady Oligos—premixed oligos for PCR and more

Oligonucleotide mixes are ideal for performing PCR, fluorescent dye RT-PCR, or generating sets of insertions and deletions through site-directed mutagenesis. Similarly, multiple probes in a single mix can be used as components in fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) and other chromosomal painting applications. 

Yet creating these mixes yourself is tedious, requires valuable bench time, and can increase your risk of errors due to contamination. With IDT RxnReady Primer Pools, you can alleviate these concerns. We will premix 2 custom oligos in a single tube for you and formulate them to your exact specifications. This will allow you to set up your experiments faster and make more efficient use of your time in the lab. As always at IDT, every oligo you receive will be manufactured with industry-leading synthesis technologies, and sequence-verified via ESI mass spectrometry.

Using the online ordering tool

You can order your RxnReady Primer Pools through our convenient, online tool. Before you do, take a minute to review some of its features. 

  1. Enter the number of items needed—Here you can enter the number of pools (oligo pairs) you need. Be sure to hit “Go” after entering your desired quantity.  
  2. Name your items—Label your primer pools to keep them organized
  3. Select your scale—Use the dropdown menu to select your starting concentration. RxnReady Oligos are available in 25 nmol, 100 nmol, and 250 nmol.
  4. Enter your sequences—RxnReady Oligos can be ordered as any DNA sequence. Available sequence lengths will vary depending on your starting scale. Use the Modifications and Mixed Bases toolbars to further customize your oligos and be sure to note the important oligo parameters (GC %, Tm, and DeltaG) as you enter your sequences.
  5. Purification—This dropdown menu will display the purification options available to you. Your options will vary depending on the starting scale you select. 
  6. Formulation—With this menu, you can tell us exactly how you want your pools formulated, and can also easily apply a specified formulation to all of them by using the icon at the top right.

  7.  Description Format 
    Quantity only Oligo pools are delivered dry at the specified final yield.
    Quantity and volume Oligos will be resuspended in TE buffer or RNase-Free Water prior to shipment. Enter your desired final yield for each oligo and the total volume of liquid needed in your tube.
    Concentration and volume Oligos will be resuspended in TE buffer or RNase-Free Water prior to shipment. Enter your desired concentration of each oligo and the total volume of liquid needed in your tube.

    *To ensure the stability of your oligos, IDT recommends resuspension in IDTE, pH 8.0, our in-house 1X TE solution.

    7.  Bulk input—Here you can import multiple sequences from an Excel or text file. If you are having difficulties, use the helpful video demonstration for guidance.

The RxnReady ordering tool gives you access to our most common primer mix offerings. If your project requires more complex oligo mixes, contact customquotes@idtdna.com. Our team of experts is happy to work with you individually to help you acquire the products you need.

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Author: Ellen Prediger, PhD, is a senior scientific writer at IDT.

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