NGS detection of low frequency genetic variants using novel, molecular sequencing adapters

Webinar summary: Watch this webinar recording to learn about unique molecular adapters and a high-performance target capture method for NGS analysis of low frequency variants.

Precision medicine for oncology requires accurate and sensitive molecular characterization. However, sample degradation, and polymerase and sequencing errors reduce accuracy for sequencing genetic variants.

This webinar is an excellent resource for both new and experienced investigators interested in analyzing low-frequency variants using NGS methods. In this presentation, Dr Mirna Jarosz discusses the challenges encountered when looking for variants against a complex genetic background. She presents a method developed by IDT scientists for producing the necessary high read depth, while demonstrating a 300-fold reduction in false positives at or above 0.25% variant frequency. The discussion includes a ranked overview of error correction approaches, and why unique molecular adapters are especially important for low-frequency variant analysis.

In this presentation, you will also learn about the basic workflow for probe-based target capture using xGen® Lockdown® Probes. These sequences are individually synthesized and quality checked, and outperform other commercially available options by providing deep, uniform coverage of targeted regions. Dr Jarosz describes the use of xGen Blocking Oligos to minimize hybridization artifacts and, thereby, improve on-target performance.

Published Apr 14, 2017