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xGen® Lockdown® Probes resuspension calculator

Calculate resuspension volume and estimate number of capture reactions based on number of probes


  1. Centrifuge tubes before opening to ensure probes are at the bottom of the tube.
  2. Resuspend probes in IDTE, pH 8.0 (Catalog No. 11-01-02-05) according to the calculator below.
    • Choose 1X or 50X based on your tube size.
    • Before use, dilute 50X probe solutions to 1X probe solutions. For example, add 5 µL of 50X probe solution to 245 µL of IDTE, pH 8.0.
  3. Store at –20°C. If necessary, store probes in small aliquots to minimize freeze-thaw cycles.



xGen Lockdown Probes scale:    
Number of probes:      probes
Number of reactions available:    ###  reactions
Resuspension volume for 1X:    ### µL
Resuspension volume for 50X:    ### µL