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All sequences should have a unique name (e.g. >Target Name 1) on a line separate from the sequence.
The SNP site should be specified as [reference/alternate] to indicate the two alleles in this format [X/Y]. Enter only one target SNP per sequence.
Only biallelic SNPs are allowed, indels, triallelic and tetra-allelic variants are not currently supported.
Sequence should follow IUPAC code for DNA bases (except SNP site of interest).
Mixed base codes should be avoided within 20 nt of the SNP site, as they will affect the ability to design an assay.
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No Designs Available
To create custom designs for SNPs in this region, please download the complete list here and enter rs number into the search window.
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We are displaying the first assays ordered by chromosomal location.
For a full list of SNPs for this region, please download the SNP Data File.
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