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Order Oligos

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25 nmole =15-60 bases100 nmole =10-90 bases250 nmole, 1 umole, 5 umole, 10 umole =5-100 bases
4 nmole, 20 nmole Ultramer =45-200 basesPAGE Ultramer =60-200 bases


Press Enter after each line item.
Avoid using the delimiter in Notes. Doing so will cause the order to be inaccurate.

You can add the items to your order in two different ways. Use only ONE of these methods:

  1. Copy and Paste from a text editor such as Notepad or via Excel. Do not use Word or any other wordprocessor, since wordprocessors add hidden characters and hidden formatting that will cause the order to fail.
  2. Type directly into the text box below.

# of Lines

Additional Services

Additional services are available for oligos at scales greater than 25nm. If you are interested in services such as Analytical IE-HPLC Traces, Analytical RP-HPLC Traces, Conductivity Measurements, Fluorometric Scans (ABS/EM), Na+ Salt Exchange, or QC Gel Pictures, and others, change the scale for your oligos to 100nm or greater.

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