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RxnReady Entry

Minimum of 5 nmoles, maximum depends on the sequence content and length.

You may submit up to 200 mixes; each mix may contain between 2 and 6 oligos.

Quantities should be submitted in nm.
Concentrations should be submitted in μM.
Volumes should be submitted in μL.

Purification is limited to Standard Desalting.
Sequences should be entered 5' to 3'.
Available Modifications
Mod Code Description
/5AmMC6/ 5' Amino Modifier C6
/5AmMC12/ 5' Amino Modifier C12
/5Biosg/ 5' Biotin
/5Phos/ 5' Phosphorylation
/5deoxyU/ 5' deoxyUridine
/5deoxyI/ 5' deoxyInosine
/ideoxyU/ Int deoxyUridine
/ideoxyI/ Int deoxyInosine
Mix Specifications
1. Select Template Style   2. Select a Buffer 3. Group by
For a dry template, click here. Click here for an example.
For a wet template, click here. Click here for an example.
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Sequence Entry
4. Choose an Input Method

MixName<tab>Sequence<tab>Quantity in nm

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