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19th Annual PEGS Boston Conference & Expo: The Essential Protein Engineering & Cell Therapy Summit


Discover how IDT can help you achieve your next protein engineering breakthrough!

Join IDT and the world’s largest gathering of protein engineering and biotherapeutics experts at PEGS Boston Summit, May 15-19, 2023 in Boston, Massachusetts.

This event covers all aspects of biologic drug development with in-depth presentations on protein and antibody engineering, immunotherapy, oncology, expression, analytics, immunogenicity, and more.

Visit us at booth #401 to learn how we can help expand and scale the scope of your antibody discovery and protein engineering pipelines.

We look forward to meeting in-person and connecting with you and the PEGS community to discuss the future of drug discovery research.

Special Promotion: gBlocks™ HiFi Gene Fragments (1000-3000bp) are 25% off to qualifying PEGS Boston attendees.

At PEGS: Stop by our booth to check out our prizes and giveaways

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May 15–19, 2023

Hynes Convention Center 900 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02115