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GMP, OEM & integrations

We share your passion and commitment to create fast, sensitive and accurate molecular tools to enable improved disease research and clinical diagnosis for better healthcare outcomes. You have an assay. Let's build it together.

Learn how we can help your team through every phase, from discovery to commercialization

GMP products and services »

Work with dedicated account managers when you need products that meet the rigorous quality requirements of clinical and molecular diagnostic applications.

OEM services »

Obtain our industry-leading synthesis technologies, manufacturing capabilities, and technical expertise as a comprehensive third-party OEM service.

Integrations »

Configure custom e-commerce platforms for your organization and receive personalized access to our full catalog of products and web tools.

Learn how IDT can partner with you through every step

Site tour – See our B2B capabilities

Take a tour of our facilities and meet key team members within IDT who are involved in the development, support, manufacturing, documentation and commercialization of GMP and OEM products used for in vitro diagnostic (IVD) or life science research applications.

Meet our B2B support team

Meet key members of the B2B support team at IDT and learn how we can help you achieve your goals during the development, manufacturing, validation and commercialization of molecular diagnostic assays or OEM products.

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B2B Capabilities Flyer

Learn how partnering with IDT can give your team everything it needs to successfully transition from discovery to commercialization.

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Partnering with IDT

Get information on working with our dedicated B2B team, and details on forms and timelines.

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Strategic Collaborations

We’ve partnered with Argonaut MS, Clear Labs, Roche, and Illumina to increase our capabilities and co-develop assays for multiplex PCR, NGS, and more.

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RUO or GMP oligos?

Important considerations when commercializing molecular assays for IVD applications

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GMP products

MGB Eclipse® Probes »

MGB Eclipse probes (EliTech Group) manufactured under GMP conditions for use in various applications. Order with GMP companion primers and select from a variety of fluorophores free of licensing restrictions.

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Freedom Dyes »

Fluorophores with no patent licensing restrictions from IDT or third party companies. Subcategories include fluorescein, Cy®, rhodamine, and ATTO™ dyes.

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GMP probes and primers »

DNA oligos manufactured under GMP conditions and suitable for use in clinical diagnostics. Import multiple sequences from an Excel or text file and select from a wide range of modifications.

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